Product placement is also known as embedded marketing.  Over 70 million media consumers are frustrated with forced traditional advertising and are investing in ad blockers. This means your brand will have a harder time reaching your target market.  Join the millions of brands that are using   the world of embedded advertising to increase brand awareness and product exposure to reach target markets.

Product Placement Company

Product Placement Marketing is an embedded marketing and music publishing company.  With over 20 years in songwriting and digital marketing, we have built a massive catalog of new songs in several genres to bring to the entertainment industry. We are partnering with brands to bring them long term value using the power of SEO,  digital marketing, social media, live events, and video productions.

There are several examples of product placement that have been massively successful. This demonstrates how valuable this advertising technique can be and what it brings to the table.  Embedded advertising increases sales,and generates phenomenal exposure.  Could your brand be the next SUCCESS?  


Don’t take my word for it!  Check out these stunning product placement statistics that clearly shows how well this amazing advertising technique works! You want customers to recognize you. If they don’t recognize your brand, then you need exposure, either locally or globally.

“Product placement has remained a steady component of successful multimedia strategies for more than a century because well-executed brand integrations time and again have demonstrated the ability to engage audiences and create strong emotional connections.

Patrick Quinn, CEO & CCO, PQ Media


Brand integration is more than just throwing your brand into a scene.  It takes a little bit of science and art.  Finding the right embedded marketing strategy depends on your goals for your brand. We offer continued Seo marketing for our video productions,  so once your a brand partner with us, your brand will enjoy the benefits of your product placement strategy as well as the upward potential, forever.  Is brand integration right for you?  It is! Let us show you why.


Maybe you’ve been told about this form of advertising, but how does brand placement work and how can your brand benefit from it?  We will explore how it normally works and then we will show you how partnering with us gives your brand an unique advantage. Let us take you on this joyride and help your brand unlock the long term benefits from this unique form of adverting.


Score thousands of opportunities to integrate your brand right at your fingertips. If your seeking an alternative way to increase your brand awareness for your product, and bring in additional sales, then embedded marketing is perfect for you.  At Mr. Songwriter Publishing Inc, you can find affordable product placement price promotions among flexible financing plans that fits the budget for companies small, medium, and large.


I challenge you to watch one of your favorite music videos.  Pick out all the products that you may have seen or heard within the production.  Embedded marketing in music videos can be found in all genres, no matter your taste.  Be apart of the growing trend where brands are partnering with YouTube artists that have a large reach and reap the benefits for several years to come from this amazing opportunity. Brand integration is easy and its affordable.

Product Placement Price Promotion

Check out our new advertising deals and connect with an agent.  Embrace the phenomena of branded entertainment.  Call us now!




Becoming a brand partner with us gives you access to our vast catalog of new songs. Every captivating song creates thousands of scenes, and camera angles which means opportunity.


We guarantee you 5 million impressions of your brand integration. How can we do that? Because we are phenomenal at what we do. We also offer short term and long term financing on your marketing investment.

branded entertainment


We are not your middle man. We are YOUR creators. We create the music AND we create the compelling stories. Then, we utilize brand integration naturally and seamlessly within our video productions bringing massive value to thousands of brands globally. Be at the forefront of this new branded entertainment movement by marketing your brand into our thought-provoking stories.


Our SEO marketing strategies is an unique advantage we offer when partnering with us. Your brand benefits when we you are consistently marketed over several exclusive media channels. This means exposure for several years to come.

score opportunities using embedded marketing

 Unique endless marketing possibilities are available with a just click of a button.  We own hundreds of copyrights and offer thousands of opportunities for your brand to be seen and heard, without being blocked.

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