How does product placement work

How Does Product Placement work with Songs for Centuries Inc.

  • We are an in-house production crew. We are your product placement agents. We are creators. We are your marketing team. This saves your valuable time and money. No more middle man fees.
  • Our creative staff and product placement agents work together and identify the product placements products or services within our scenes using Hollywood known story-boarding software.
  • We offer exclusivity for brands within our productions.
  • Our affordable product placing price promotions with payment plan options are available to fit your marketing budget. This opens the flood gates for smaller brands, startup's and medium sized business' to capture brand awareness and recognition.
  • We guarantee you 5 million impressions marketing your brand within video productions utilizing our search engine optimization strategies.


You've heard of Product Placement but How Does Product Placement Work?

Product Placement is an unique alternative way of advertising compared to interrupted TV ads. You have a product and need exposure or possibly need to increase awareness of your product. Production companies need to help offset their costs so they take on brands within their projects. A product placement agent will speak to your company about your goals as a brand, and discover your budget.

If the product placement agent believes your product or service is a fit for their inventory of product placement opportunities, they will represent you at a fee.

They scour through their hundreds of relationships with producers, directors, and script writers to find the best product placement for your company.

Your product placement agent rigorously works hard to integrate your brand into movies, music videos, TV shows, talk show and other video productions.

The types of product placement are verbal, visual, signage, or usage(using your product within the production) or even a mix of these.

We create Remarkable New Songs

branded entertainment

We create Intriguing Stories, Characters, Plots, and Scripts.

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We integrate Your Brand into the Stories we've created.

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How Does it Work to Maximize Brand Goals

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Product Placement Agents

Our product placement agents are your go-to people.  They will handle your intake and be your advocate for your brand within the productions to ensure the best maximized exposure and seamless brand integration possible.  

Product Placement on YouTube

“Product placement in online & mobile media is the fastest growing product placement channel, jumping 25.3% to over $250 million in 2017,. Brands are aligning with viral stars on YouTube’s multi-channel networks, using product placements to engage with younger audiences”(PQ MEDIA) Mr Songwriter Publishing Inc. places your brand integration on YouTube, the worlds leading online media and marketing channel to maximize brands global exposure.

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Product Placement Effectiveness

Studies have been conducted to discover the effectiveness of product placement.  One study showed that “Product placements are an effective means to increase top-of-mind recall and unaided brand recall.  Product placements that played a natural and not too prominent role on the screen showed brand attitude effects“.

Another interesting study shows that brand placements have been shown to be more effective when the featured brand is paired with a character who displays one or more desirable traits.

Product Placement Benefits

Product Placement Creates Brand Awareness

Product Placement make brands visible to the public which translates into opportunity to capture their eyeballs and listening ears.

retroactive product placement
examples of product placement

Product Placement Increases Brand Exposure

Increasing brand awareness is not always enough.  The larger reach, the larger brand exposure.

Product Placement can drive Revenues

There are phenomenal examples of product placement case studies that show increased revenue for companies after placement.

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Songs for Centuries

Product Placement works. We Make it work better.

  • Get the best ROI from your marketing dollars.

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