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Product placement company that features new songs, creative story-lines, and thousands of product placement opportunities.  It was established in 2018 with the purpose of bringing creative ideas and passion of writing phenomenal new songs to the public.  Some of the ideas and inspiration behind the songs just flow through our system while others are inspired upon true events. 

The mission of our product placement company is to create deep emotional connections with customers through our new song, thought-provoking story-lines and invoke others to grow personally through their own challenges. 

 Our years of marketing experience has saved many of our clients millions in marketing dollars and brought them increases of revenues for many years to come.  Our mission it to help  brands build exposure, awareness and increase revenues through our own creative properties that will last for centuries.

 We truly believe that organic advertising works.  One of the best marketing campaigns is to partner with a product placement company to INVEST marketing dollars.  What this means is that once your company spends the money,  you’ll benefit every year after year from that same investment.  The beautiful thing about product placements in movies and product placement in music videos is that customers keep coming back to watch, stream, like, and share these artistic works.


Product Placement Company

There are plenty of product placement companies out there, but what makes SONGS FOR CENTURIES unique is that it owns over 425 copyrights which doesn’t include new songs that are written daily.  How can your brand benefit from this? First, your connecting directly with the owners and creators.  This

  • saves your brand time and money.

Next, every music production grants our company the rights to reproduce it in other genres, and languages which means

  • more opportunities for your brand to be seen and heard.

 Translating new songs into other genres

  • creates new opportunities to tell new unique stories.

Brand integration is now seen through the eyes of of that genre or language, which opens the doors to thousands of other product placement opportunities and the ability to penetrate that market.

product placement company

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