Product Placement in movies is a uniquely designed advertising technique that is more natural and seamless than forced and interrupted.  Brands are specially placed within the natural setting of the story where customers expect the product or service to be seen or heard.    

31.2% of consumers who view product placements show interest in purchasing the product (Price Economics)

60% of moviegoers feel more positive about brands that they recognized in a placement.

Product Placement in Movies with Songs For Centuries

We write and create legendary new songs that we market using several channels. We develop intensely insane positive story-lines that foster deep emotional connections with customers. When customers connect to the story, they often will connect with the brands within the story. We then strategically  partner with brands we believe in and offer thousands of product placement opportunities in the our movies productions. 


How to Get a Girlfriend

This mini-movie and sensational masterpiece song uncovers a forbidden love that pulls through uncharted territory. Will this unique love stand the tests of time?

In My Life

Another mini- movie based upon a true story. The secrets of this melodic new song dives deep into the longing for that special true love they don't have. They the day it arrives, the joyful reunion of love is celebrated.

Da Da Groove

This new groove is a song that many men and women can relate to. A intense but happy breakup song that guides your emotional intelligence as to when to just let it go.

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Product Placements in Movies

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