Product Placement Opportunities

Product Placement Opportunities bring long term value to brands globally.  We accomplish this with seamless integration into our music video and movie productions that fans will emotionally connect with!  Connecting BRANDS with FANS creates opportunity for brands to be seen, heard. Most importantly, this means an impact on sales growth. 

Our ownership of copyrights creates several  product placement opportunities, therefore brands are seen and heard  Increase brand exposure, create more awareness, and even increase sales, in this perfect partnership.  Take a look at some of the upcoming opportunities available for brands.

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Only pay based upon results.

That’s right.  This means we are driven to bring you the massive exposure you deserve, as well as the sales goals your looking to achieve.

Embedded Marketing Benefits

Saves On Time

Time is one of the most valuable assets on this planet. Brands save time marketing with us as we are the music creators, and script writers. We tell you exactly what opportunities that exist for brands within our inspiring story-lines.

Affordable Product Placement Costs

Our affordable brand placement fees are in 12 month or 24 monthly installments. Most product placement companies will charge high engagement fees to find the opportunity. Our fees are placed into escrow and released upon the release of the production.

SEO Marketing

By partnering with us, your brand benefits from the use of our organic white hat SEO techniques. Our video productions are marketed to meet the searches and demands globally that are already looking for what we have to offer. One investment gets marketed on several online channels every day, month, and year after year.

High Return on Investment

Every marketing campaign has its risks, our company understands that. We mitigate the risks with an exceptional product placement strategy. Our carefully designed business model accounts to give brands a high return on the investment.

Post Production Payments

We value marketing dollars spent for brands. We build trust with brands to offer several price promotions to include post-production payment schedules.

Toothbrush Incentives

Brushing your teeth is an everyday activity. Likewise, once you have integrated your brand into our music video and video productions, we incentive the fan base by offering incentives to keep coming back to watch, answer questions, enter drawings, giveaways, and even offer special promotions as well as other metrics to help you measure your investment with us.

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"The best thing about investing marketing dollars into music video productions, is that it lives on forever. Our brand integrations into music videos offer the unique advantage of fans keep coming back to watch over and over again, sharing it with friends, and even can become engaged with promotions. This means your brand is being advertised over and over again for the same investment spent. This is a phenomenal ROI"
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Product Placement Opportunities in Music Videos

We offer several types of opportunities for brand integration in music videos.  Below are some examples of our music productions.  Fill out the form above to get started to maximize the long term benefits of product placements by getting your brand into one of our music video productions today!

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