what is product placement

Definition of Product Placement:  Product placement is also known as embedded marketing.  We use this unique and alternative marketing strategy to naturally and seamlessly integrate brands into the scenes of movies, TV shows, and music videos.

the paradigm shift of advertising

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What is the benefit of Product Placement?

It's Measurable

Every one of our successful marketing campaigns is measured. The return on investment is our key performance indicator to measure how effective our campaign is working for you. This is why we custom design our campaign to align it with your specific goals. We track the progress of your campaign over several channels.

Target your Market

Using different types of product placements allows your brand to benefit long term, and reach the target audience. The more creative and memorable ways we place the brand, the more effective in achieving the specific and targeted goals.

Its Affordable

Our embedded marketing won't break the bank on marketing budgets. Our flexible price promotions come in 12 month, 24 month, and milestone installment plans. They open the flood gates of opportunity for small startups, which can now take advantage of our unique form of advertising.

Synergistic Relationships

Synergy is the strengthening effect when two or more together is stronger than separate. Our partnership strengthens, and impact all of the brands marketing efforts. In other words, watch the magic happen.

Effective Marketing Tool

Our product placement strategy is such an effective tool that it can skyrocket sales by up to 65%! It increase brand awareness, and creates massive exposure to markets not reached in other campaigns.

It's an Investment.

Our product placement fees brings benefits for a lifetime. Our video productions ensure a global audience who watch, love, and share productions for years. This means brands can ride our wave, right along with the production. We also market our video productions across several media channels.

what is another name for product placement

What is product placement? Another name for product placement is known as Branded Entertainment.  This industry is capturing the attention of millions of brands globally. There is a paradigm shift where consumers are now increasingly watching digital ad-free media.  When adding the increase of global ad blocking, a strong product placement strategy has become even more important.  

We understand that brands still need to reach and target their customers. Customers still need to be exposed to products and services that help solve their problems in a non-threatening way. We offer the ability to make this happen.

What is an example of product placement?

A great example of a product placement can be seen in the movie White House Down.  In this action scene, Jamie Foxx demonstrates a visual and verbal type of product placement of the brand, Jordans.  The hilarious offset to an otherwise serious scene puts the guard down of movie lovers.  Several examples of product placements can be found in TV shows and music videos as well.  We currently offer verbal and visual product placement opportunities similar to this.

How is product placement used?
product placement in music videos 2
Product Placement in Music Videos

Brands use product placement in music videos on YouTube, and Vimeo. They choose this channel  because they are able to capture exposure to that market, be watched over again, liked, and shared for years.

Product Placement in Movies

Often brands will pay a fee for their product to be displayed in movies, used by characters, or verbally mentioned. 

what is product placement
Product Placement in TV

Brands can use product placement in our video productions as a way to increase brand exposure, sell more products, or create an awareness to the unique value of what it offers.

Why is product placement effective

Product Placement Statistics

1 %
Up to a Increase of Sales
1 %
Viewers Recognize Brands
product placement in tv
1 %
Increase Brand Awareness

what is the cost of product placement

what is product placement

product placement price promotion plans

Our plans were designed with your brand in mind.  It used to be that product placement was so expensive it was a barrier to new companies.  Here, there are no gatekeepers or middleman.  Your brand can get straight to the decision makers(us) and become apart of a video production TODAY!


month plan

  • Low Engagement Fee
  • Verbal, Visual, Usage, or signage
  • SEO Marketing
  • 1 Year Campaign Support


month plan

  • Low Engagement Fee
  • Verbal, Visual, Usage, or Signage
  • SEO Marketing
  • 2- year Campaign Support


Per milestone

  • Low Engagement Fee
  • Verbal, Visual, Usage, or Signage
  • Fees based upon milestones(quarterly, # views, reach, etc)
  • SEO Marketing
  • Milestone Support

Frequently asked questions

There is a difference between marketing and advertising. We  integrate brands into the scenes or plots of our movies, TV shows, and music video productions.  Although this form of marketing has been used for years, it is continually more important now than ever.   In the current digital age, consumers now have shifted into watching video- on-demand  platforms. 

We offer hundreds of product placement opportunities and seek brands that are interested in scaling the growth of their company through brand awareness, exposure, and sales.

First, it starts with the music production.  We generate  phenomenal new music daily.  Once production has been mastered, we then formulate a creative and inspiring story accompanying the new song to share with the world, globally. 

Our engaging storytelling gets put to use when identifying the product placement opportunities within the scenes of every video production.  Our company then offers these opportunities to brands globally.

First, the engagement fee is the down payment to secure your brands position within the video production. Depending upon the length of production, and time constraints, we need to ensure smooth operations with all our brand products.  The fee will depend on the type of product placements and how much exposure time/camera shots/ and angles.

I love this question. First, we are the decision makers.  We are the music creators and video production makers, therefore,  we are able to offer faster product placement services because we hold the key to brand placements, also known as the treatment(the story-line or video production).  We are also able to leverage the ownership of the copyrights for life plus 70 years of our author, which then enables us to offer product placement opportunities for centuries.  With this ownership comes 6 distinctive rights.

  • The right to reproduce and make copies of an original work;
  • The right to prepare derivative works based on the original work;
  • The right to distribute copies to the public by sale or another form of transfer, such as rental or lending;
  • The right to publicly perform the work;
  • The right to publicly display the work, and
  • The right to perform sound recordings publicly through digital audio transmission.

As a holder of these key rights, we offer derivative brand placement opportunities in other target markets(genres, cultures or countries, etc) without needing to seek permission from anyone else.  

Yes!  We currently have openings for product placement agents to be the vanguards for the future of digital marketing.  We are seeking experienced and/or trainable sales agents to become a part of our creative marketing team to connect brands….with fans….To find out more visit our product placement agent page for further details on how to submit your resume’.

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About our product placement company

Our creative product placement marketing company has over 20 years in music production and marketing experience. We offer hundreds of product placement opportunities for brands to be seen, and heard in our upcoming productions. Learn more about how your brand can benefit by your product being seamlessly integrated into them.  

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